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Call for Entries for international art exhibit

Call for Entries for international art exhibit, hosted in Canadian

All entries are to be the size of a postcard,
and sent through the mail service

Brampton, ON — Canadian art gallery Artway is holding a call for
entries for “The 2004 Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show”. All
entries into this unique exhibit, displayed in the Toronto area, are
to be mailed to Snail Mail Central as a postcard. The exhibit will
run September 3rd to October 1st, 2004.

Roughly one thousand entries will be accepted for exhibit, held at
the Artway Gallery in Shoppers World Brampton, a regional shopping
centre in Ontario, Canada.

Artists may enter up to 20 works, for free. Entered artwork may be
original or reproduced, and can be of most subject matters and any
medium. They must be received in the mail at Snail Mail Central in
Canada by Monday, August 16, 2004.

The Top 15 entries, as decided by this year’s Snail Mail jurors,
will win awards, and be displayed on the Snail Mail website. The
public may also participate by voting in a People’s Choice Award,
which will be chosen online in four rounds from the Top 100 entries
in the show. Organizers are currently choosing a panel of
professional artist jurors for the Snail Mail exhibit. Yet to be
confirmed, the jurors will have diverse specialties.

Selected entries are to be published in the Snail Mail 2004
Commemorative Book.

“VAB-Artway is extremely proud to have the opportunity to host the
Snail Mail Show, a diverse international exhibition,” commented
President of Visual Arts Brampton, and curator of Artway Gallery
Keith Moreau at a recent press conference, “We have already held a
highly successful mail art exhibit, and are looking forward to again
showcasing the most creative artworks from around the world.”

Entries should contain the artist’s name and the name and medium of
their work on the back of the entry. Works should sent to the
following address: SNAIL MAIL CENTRAL, c/o VAB, 1 Bartley Bull
Parkway, Suite 10, Brampton, ON, L6W 3T7, Canada.

Conforming with most government postal service regulations, all
works must be between 102 mm to 120 mm (4 to 4 ¾ inches) wide or
high, with the remaining dimension between 145 mm to 176 mm (5 ¾ to
7 inches). Complete details and rules for the exhibit can be found
on www.visualartsbrampton.com/snail, or by sending a self-addressed,
stamped envelope to the Snail Mail Central address, listed above.


Visual Arts Brampton has served the Toronto area for over 18 years,
through educational and promotional opportunities, including
exhibits at the seven-year-old Artway Gallery. Along with a previous
international entry show, Artway has featured original works by
internationally acclaimed Canadian artists and cartoonists.

The Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show will be held September 3rd to
October 1st, 2004 at Artway in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Dependant
on the size of the entries, VAB-Artway estimates the gallery will be
able to hold anywhere from 900 to 1400 entries.

Digital Darkroom and Photoshop

For those who are just starting out in digital photography, many times, the software which comes with the camera will allow you to do basic manipulation. However, if you are going to use your imaging for more than just vacation photography, and can not as yet justify the high cost of Adobe Photoshop, Elements or CS, then you may wish to visit eBay and secure a copy of Adobe PhotoDeluxe…the 8 year old precursor to PhotoShop.

It allows you to do many things that Photoshop does in very simple language; especially important for the novice. It is a transition software which will fill that void between camera supplied software and the PhotoShop series. The average cost on eBay for used versions is less than $10.00 USD and is WELL WORTH the price.

I tried the ‘most recent’ version of GIMP – unfortunately, there were so many code line glitches that it was almost useless. Their own download website stated that… “there may be program conflicts which can not be resolved – use at your own risk.” I gave up on it, uninstalled it and went back to Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Olympus Camedia Master 4.0.1 which serve all my needs editing my photography for the Chapel newsletter.

Photography Tips

Personally, my greatest inspiration for taking photographs have not only been the beauty I look upon in the world (or sometimes its ugliness) but also how other photographer have captured that essence. No single photographer ever has given me more inspiration to see the world as beautiful as it can be than Ansel Adams. The moments he captured are absolutely remarkable (as anyone already knows). He is the main reason I still am basically a B&W photographer. It’s a hard thing to explain, but by his use of B&W, I saw more detail in the world, the textures of grand landscapes, the beauty of sky and clouds, than any color photographs have even shown me. His portarit images (rare) are also so incredible. People like Georgia O’Keefe and fellow artists of the time captured in all their intelligent, artistic, and often whimsical glory.

Another Favorite was Helmut Newton (who less than a month ago died tragically in a car wreck only blocks from where I live). His invention and style in the genre of erotic, yet tasteful photography proved that images that contained sexual subject matter could still be elegant and art.
Of more contemporary photographers, the work of David LaChappelle (whos images we are all familiar with, yet may not know they are from him) has pushed the genre of comercial and fashion photography to new limits! (something that most probably thought could not happen, but he did it!). LaChappelles vibrant colors and bizarre imagery has given the advertising world the (pardon the expression) kick in the butt it needed for so long.

But mostly, I owe all my creativity to my Mother. She was an artists and writer who gave me all the inspiration in the world to use my imagination. She didn’t flinch when my endeavors tended towards darker subject matter, she embraced it with an understanding that only a true mentor could. She encouraged my love of cinema and even payed for my film school and photography college courses. She was my hero. My mother died in 1997, and it breaks my heart to this very day; she was the only person in the world that understood me. But I carry her inspiration to achieve my artistic goals every day of my life! And I will never let go of that…

To be honest about it, I was actually inspired to begin photography by a chap who worked in the next office to me in the mid 70’s at an old stately home the Insurance company I worked for had bought. He was an amateur photographer called Bob Allen, who resisted the calling to go pro as he wished to remain amateur for personal reasons. He had a string of photography letters after his name and was a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Fellow of the Royal Society etc… He also won awards worldwide, judged all over, but remained very humble and just used a couple of old battered Pentax K1000’s for his work.

At some point in my photographic interest I came on a book of work by Gordon Parks, especially the stark, high contrast B/W photos. I have not tried too hard to get that look but now that I have a decent digital (Fuji S5000) and computer I’ll try.

Photo Industry News

Because it made me “seek-and-go-find” some digital photography websites out there that I’ve never seen before…and it looks like there are some really good ones! I’ve bookmarked them all and plan to look much more closely at all of them and see what all I can learn.

At first blush, I thought these looked like they had quite a lot to offer:

Short Courses for Digital Photography:

Digital Photography:

Digital Photography Challenge:

Digital Photography Now:

Digideep (for underwater digital photography):

and lastly, Digital Diver Network (also for underwater digital photography):

I am amazed at how much is out there! I’m really looking forward to learning more about just about everything.

Again, .I might not have found these sites had you not asked.